Year 5

We hope you are all safe and well, Y5. Check out work set on Google Classroom too.

January 2023

 RE ks2-world-religion-day-15th-jan-my-thoughts-and-ideas-activity-sheet_ver_1.pdfDownload
 RE ks2-world-religion-powerpoint_ver_2.pptxDownload
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Spring 2 2021

 24246-how-to-make-a-fortune-teller - compare last lesson to example.pdfDownload
 Activity Sheet - Writing Instructions - Lower Ability Thursday 250221.pdfDownload
 Activity Sheet Liquids and Gases Sorting Cards.pdfDownload
 Activity Sheet Particle Properties.pdfDownload
 Can you still Friday 260221.docxDownload
 Can you still Thursday 250221.docxDownload
 Can you still Tuesday 230221.docxDownload
 Can you still Wednesday 240221.docxDownload
 Checklist for instructions - Tuesday 230221[1].docxDownload
 Evaluation Checklist Friday 260221.pdfDownload
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 Challenge 22.2.21.docxDownload
 Challenge 23.2.21.docxDownload
 Challenge 24.2.21.docxDownload
 Challenge 25.2.21.docxDownload
 Challenge 26.2.21.docxDownload
 Main 22.2.21.docxDownload
 Main activity 23.2.21.docxDownload
 Main activity 24.2.21.docxDownload
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Spring 1 2021

 Can you explain why we have daytime and night.docxDownload
 Can you still Friday 120221.docxDownload
 Can you still Thursday 110221.docxDownload
 Can you still Tuesday 080221.docxDownload
 Can you still Wednesday 100221.docxDownload
 Create a poster against plastic pollution.docxDownload
 English Friday 12th February 2021.docxDownload
 English Thursday 10th February 2021.docxDownload
 English Tuesday 9th February 2021.docxDownload
 English Wednesday 10th February 2021.docxDownload
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 Challenge 1.2.21.docxDownload
 Challenge 2.2.21.docxDownload
 Challenge 3.2.21.docxDownload
 Challenge 4.2.21.docxDownload
 Challenge 5.5.21.docxDownload
 Main activity 1.2.21.docxDownload
 Main Activity 2.2.21.docxDownload
 Main Activity 3.2.21.docxDownload
 Main Activity 4.2.21.docxDownload
 Main Activity 5.2.21.docxDownload
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 Can you still Friday.docDownload
 Can you still Thursday.docDownload
 Can you still Tuesday.docDownload
 Can you still Wednesday.docDownload
 english WAGOLL.docxDownload
 Expanded-Noun-Phrases monday ppt.pptxDownload
 Friday main activity.docxDownload
 Friday main.docxDownload
 maths starter friday.docxDownload
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 A Solar Eclipse happens when the.docxDownload
 Can you still Monday.docDownload
 Can you still thursday.docDownload
 Can you still Tuesday.docDownload
 Can you still wednesday.docDownload
 Friday - Challenge.docxDownload
 Friday picture and questions.docxDownload
 friday prime numbers.docxDownload
 maths multiples monday.docxDownload
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 2-1. WS 11 and 12 times table THURSDAY.pptxDownload
 A Messy Bedroom Monday.docxDownload
 Area of Compound of Shapes.pptxDownload
 Area of compound shapes worksheet Tuesday 2.docxDownload
 Area of compound shapes worksheet Tuesday.docxDownload
 Area of Rectangles and Compound Shapes Tuesday.pptxDownload
 Area of Rectangles and Compound Shapes.pptxDownload
 Area of Rectangles Lesson 1.pptxDownload
 Compound shape work 11-01-21.docxDownload
 DT 1.docxDownload
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 Science moon information sheet.docDownload
 Science Moon Task.pdfDownload
 Spring-1-Maths -Tasks.pdfDownload
 Topic - Crime and Punishment 1.pdfDownload
 Year-5-Maths and English.pdfDownload
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Y5 - your 10-day isolation pack for Home Learning.

 ENGLISH DAY 1.pdfDownload
 ENGLISH DAY 10.pdfDownload
 ENGLISH DAY 2.pdfDownload
 ENGLISH DAY 3.pdfDownload
 ENGLISH DAY 4.pdfDownload
 ENGLISH DAY 5.pdfDownload
 ENGLISH DAY 6.pdfDownload
 ENGLISH DAY 7.pdfDownload
 ENGLISH DAY 8.pdfDownload
 ENGLISH DAY 9.pdfDownload
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