Meet the Staff

The staff of Short Heath come from a diverse range of backgrounds, experience and knowledge in their respective areas, but they all share one thing... a passion for ensuring the pupils at the school receive an exceptional level of teaching, care and encouragement throughout their time at Short Heath.

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Mrs Cathy Draper Executive Headteacher 
Miss Sarah Harris Head of School
Miss Kelly Ashley Assistant Headteacher/Y6 Class Teacher
Mrs G Cook SENCO / SLP Class Teacher - Elm 
Miss T Edwards PPA Teacher
Mr M Marsh Y3 Class Teacher - Oak
Miss H Gilbert Y3 Class Teacher - Ash
Mrs H Hodson Y4 Class Teacher - Horse Chestnut 
Mrs S Bayliss Y4 Class Teacher - Horse Chestnut
Mrs J Dell Y4 Class Teacher - Silver Birch
Miss S Colbourn Y4 Class Teacher - Silver Birch
Mrs S Dudley-Mowe Y5 Class Teacher - Sycamore 
Miss K Whiteley Y5 Class Teacher - Beech 
Mrs A Dickenson Y6 Class Teacher - Willow
Miss K Ashley Y6 Class Teacher - Maple
Mrs P Cottam Teacher 
Mrs J Titley Teacher
Mrs P Holles Therapeutic Counsellor
Mrs T Jephcott Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Day Specialist SEND Teaching Assistant
Miss A Mendez Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Renar Teaching Assistant
Mr J Wylie SEND Teaching Assistant
Ms S Freeman SEND Teaching Assistant
Miss L G SEND Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Hickman SEND Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Hickmans SEND Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Parker SEND Teaching Assistant
Mr P Walker SEND Teaching Assistant
Mrs Watkins SEND Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Wiggin SEND Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Taylor  SEND Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Jackman Administrator / Federation Operational Safeguarding Lead
Mrs H Fletcher Federation Business Manager
Mrs C Yeomans Federation Business Administrator
Mrs L West Administrator
Mr P Day Federation Site Supervisor
Mr G Wood  Caretaker
Mrs Corbett, Mrs Maiden, Mrs Duncombe Site Staff
Mrs Cooksey, Mrs Coyne, Mrs Dhillon, Ms Handley, Mrs Nicholls, Miss Hanney, Mrs Leeson Lunchtime Supervisors