Don't forget to use the swap boxes - swap your old, clean uniform for a bigger size.


We expect all children to wear school uniform. This helps everyone to feel they belong to a community of people, sharing the same values and living by the same rules.


We cannot be held responsible for items of clothes that go missing in school, children are encouraged to be responsible for their own belongings.

School uniform can now be purchased from Clive Marks, Crested Schoolwear and Willenhall market. You may also purchase the basic uniform without the logo from most chain stores.

Our uniform consists of:
• White shirt – long or short sleeves (not a polo shirt)
• School tie (not with string)
• Burgundy v-neck jumper/cardigan
• Grey/charcoal long or short trousers
• Grey/charcoal skirt/pinafore dress
• Red and white check dress (summer)
• Grey/charcoal shorts (summer)
• ‘Sensible’ school shoes NOT trainers (eg black Nike/Adidas/Puma etc trainers are unacceptable)

Shoes must not have heels or platforms. In the summer, sturdy sandals may be worn, but, in the interests of safety, not flip flops, open toe or backless fashion sandals.


Children must change for all forms of physical activity. Specialist sportswear isn’t necessary, but they will need: 

•Children can wear a PLAIN BLACK tracksuit on their timetabled PE days.

Plain black shorts or leggings
• House colour t-shirt
• A warm top or tracksuit for cold weather


We recommend a school backpack and not a big bag as space in cloakrooms is limited. A watch is permitted as are small stud earrings. All jewellery must be removed for PE lessons. In the interests of smartness, safety and hygiene, medium length and long hair should always be tied back, preferably with bobbles and bands in school colours.

Please can we remind parents that as the winter weather draws in children will require suitable outdoor clothing for playtime and lunchtime. We will endeavour to give the children opportunities to get outside for some fresh air and physical activity whenever possible, unless the weather is so poor that it makes the outdoor environment dangerous for large numbers of children to play out. Likewise, for outdoor PE sessions, children require trainers, joggers and sweatshirts. It is most helpful if every item of outdoor clothing is clearly marked with your child’s name.

Although we do have aprons and we encourage children to take responsibility for their property, we would be grateful if you could send in an old shirt suitable to protect your child’s school uniform during art lessons.

The average parent spends £5,203 on school uniform and PE kit over the 11 years their child is in school, however, only 39 per cent consider the environmental impact of throwing these clothes away once their child has grown out of them with only 16 per cent of discarded clothes being recycled or reused.

We have swap boxes in school where you can donate clean clothes that are too small or unused and swap for bigger clothes that can be reused. Bring in your old, clean clothes and put them in the boxes in the reception area - ask for the key!