Year 4

Hello Year 4! Our learning journey this term is titled EXTREME! We are starting by looking at natural disasters. Watch/read the following all about volcanoes before you try the tasks: 
Task 1: Create your own fact file all about volcanoes. Fill it with as much information as you can. Remember fact files need pictures, text boxes, did you know boxes and diagrams. Make it bold and interesting to read. 
Task 2: Choose 1 volcano from around the world. Write a paragraph all abput that volcano. Where is it located? Is it active? Do people live near it? When did it last erupt? The more information you can include the better. 
Task 3: Create a picture of a volcano. You can choose your materials. It could be a sketch/painting/chalk drawing. Use whatever you have available at home. Is your picture going to be of an erupting volcano or a dormant one? 
Any problems with Google Classrooms then email us at or message us on Seesaw or call school and we will call you back! Stay safe Y4!
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Year 4 - 10 day Home Learning pack if you are isolating from school.

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