Information on School Lunches

Dinner money is £2.00 a day AND MUST BE PAID ON SQUID IN ADNAVNCE.

Parent Council and our children have been talking to Shires about what they want included in the school dinner menu. The menu for 2018-2019 is below 
Dinner money must be paid before taking a meal. 

Short Heath Junior School is now cashless for Dinner Money, and we no longer accept cash or cheques for dinner money.  All payments should be made using sQuid ePayments. This benefits the school as it eliminates having to count and bank cash, and it benefits the students as they will spend less time queuing and more time playing, and no longer have to carry cash to school with the risk of it getting lost or stolen.

If you have not already done so, please register your details with sQuid and create a sQuid account, so that you can easily top up your account online.