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A warm welcome to Year 6 - an important year for all the children. As staff, we will support all children in their learning to achieve their potential and we value any additional support you can give!

Here's to a great penultimate term in our final year at Short Heath.

If you have any questions about your child's time in Y6, please don't hesitate to speak to a member of staff.

Mr Hodson - Maple Class Teacher

Mrs Dudley-Mowe - Willow Class Teacher

Miss Mendez and Mrs Wiggin - Y6 Support Staff

Home learning...with Mrs Etherington...see below for links...

22.06.2020 - Transition
15.06.20 - Transition
English - Identify the features of an information leaflet; this will be important to create a checklist for when you create your own:
Maths - To explore the relationship between the numerator and denominator (between and within fractions), find factors and reason about simplifying fractions. Again, all things you will be familiar with.
Languages - I hope you've found this useful, Spain is a popular holiday destination and even if you can pick up a few simple words or phrases, it will help to enhance your holiday experience - when we can actually go on holiday!
This is the link for the English:
to build up to writing an information leaflet on how to stay safe during the pandemic
This is the link for the Maths
Recapping fractions
I’ve also started you on a battle in TTR - let battle commence!

Transition - little tasks to help...

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 Automatic negative thoughts.pdfDownload
 cute printable bucket list template.pdfDownload
 Grounding cards.pdfDownload
 kindness worksheet.pdfDownload
 Mental Health week 20 poster.pdfDownload
 MHW20 ideas plan (1).pdfDownload
 Mindfulness booklet activities.pdfDownload
 Mindfulness resourses for kids.pdfDownload
 Positive affirmations for kids.pdfDownload
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We will be learning about Marvellous Medicine.

 Long Term Plan - Spring Year 6 Marvellous Medicine.docDownload
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 Y6 Engineering & Discovery Overview Autumn 1.docDownload
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Watch the video clip here:


Helpful revision websites: 

Websites for English

Reading good quality texts at home will also help your child to develop their vocabulary as well as gaining ideas for their own writing. The most important aspect of reading is enjoyment. This website regularly updates its recommended texts for year 6 pupils and includes many excellent books which will interest your child.  


Websites for Maths

From March, a daily problem will be released by the White Rose Maths Hub in the lead up to the SATs. This can be found here:  

Lastly, maths salamanders has several Year 6 sheets (which can be printed or just viewed online) with a variety of different questions covering a mixture of topics. There is a separate sheet with the answers. This is excellent for testing you child’s ability to switch between topics.


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PE Information

Please bring PE kits in a named bag - they will stay in school for the half term.

Outdoor P.E - suitable outdoor P.E kit required, outdoor trainers, House P.E. top, tracksuit bottoms, waterproof top etc.

Indoor P.E - White P.E tops, blue/black shorts and indoor trainers/pumps are needed.

Maple and Willow Class - Monday and Friday

To help develop children’s fluency in mathematics, we ask them to learn Key Instant Recall Facts each half term.
These lists of KIRFs have been created to align with the new curriculum. They are intended to be challenging and it is intended that children will be taught the necessary maths in lessons beforehand.