Under Section 36 of the Education Act 1944, parents of children of compulsory school age (between 5-16) must ensure their child receives a proper full-time education, either by attending school or by making other arrangements with the Local Education Authority. Most parents choose to send their child to school. Parents are therefore responsible for ensuring their child attends regularly and punctually.

Our attendance target is 96% - so far this term, we have achieved 93.58%.

Well done to Oak and Horse Chestnut classes for their terrific attendance!


Ash - 3G 92.82%
Oak - 3M 96.58%
 Yew - 3E     91.35%
Horse Chestnut - 4B 96.28%
Silver Birch - 4CE 89.36%
Beech - 5W  95.00%
Sycamore - 5DM 91.52% 
Maple - 6A 93.95%
Willow - 6D 95.91%