Help I'm Hairy!!

Help I’m Hairy uses narration, helpful advice from Yr 6-11 students, fact files, information from a health advisor, animation and short comic sketches to help young people understand what happens physically and emotionally during puberty.

This new version (updated in 2016) also contains an extra section devoted to the Transition to secondary school.



The film begins with a curious young pupil noticing things are becoming strange around school and at home. Emotions seem to run high and everything is changing. Could it be hormones? Two students and a school health advisor, pick up the thread taking us on a journey to uncover the myths and reveal facts about puberty, and how to survive it.

The film ends with a standalone section on Transition to secondary school as a new student starts at 'big' school. This section includes interviews with students too.


As part of transition, Y6 will need to be aware of the pressures and consequences they may face when coming across a negative experience online in regards to sending and receiving naked pictures. Please support your child by going through the information in the documents below. If you need any further information or support please contact us in school or access helps from:

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