Our Governors are just fantastic. They do a great job in holding our schools to account.

The governing body has 3 key roles:
•To provide a strategic view
•To provide support and challenge to the Executive Headteacher and staff
•To ensure accountability and probity over the school finances

The governing body has to comply with regulations set out by the Department of Education and is required to appoint a chair and vice chair. The governing body is also required to meet 3 times a year at ‘full governor meetings’ which generally take place near the beginning of each new term.

The responsibilities of the governing body include setting targets for pupil achievement, managing the school finances, making sure that the curriculum is balanced and broadly based, appointing staff and reviewing staff pay and performance. Some of these functions are discussed at separate committee meetings, with each governor selecting which committee/s they participate in depending on the contribution they are able to make. Each committee has an agreed remit a proforma agenda and recorded minutes. Currently we have three separate committees these are:

Resources Committee

Strategic Improvement Committee

Ethos Committee

Each of these committees meet at least once a term, sometimes more frequently and has specific terms of reference and reports back to all governors at the termly full governors' meeting. The minutes from the full governors' meetings are public documents and can be viewed at by request at the school office.

The governors can be contacted via email:

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