Year 5

We hope you are all safe and well, Y5. Check out work set on Google Classroom too.

January 2023

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Spring 2 2021

 spelling shed list 20.pptxDownload
 Thursday 25th February - writing instructions.docxDownload
 Thursday How to write instructions 250221.pptxDownload
 Tuesday 23 February - Identifing features of instructional Texts.docxDownload
 Tuesday 23rd February - Features of Instruction Writing.pptxDownload
 Wednesday 24 February - plan clear instructions.docxDownload
 Word maps for Instruction Writing Thursday.docxDownload
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Spring 1 2021

 The Hidden Hunting Lodge TEXT 090221.docxDownload
 [Template] Vicar Helen (1).docxDownload
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 WK5 Monday 010221 English.docxDownload
 WK5 Thursday 040121 English Writing.docxDownload
 WK5 Tuesday 020221 English .docxDownload
 WK5 Wednesday 030121 English Writing .docxDownload
 WK5 Wednesday English PP .pptxDownload
 WK5 Wednesday History Cadburies .docxDownload
 Year 5 French, Week 5.docxDownload
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 thursday challenge.docxDownload
 Thursday main activitiy HA.docxDownload
 Thursday main activity 2.docxDownload
 Thursday main.docxDownload
 Tuesday Challenge.docxDownload
 Tuesday Main.docxDownload
 wednesday challenge.docxDownload
 Wednesday Main activity.docxDownload
 Wednesday main.docxDownload
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 Thursday picture and questions.docxDownload
 Tuesday challenge.docxDownload
 Tuesday English Picture.docxDownload
 Tuesday Multiples.docxDownload
 Wednesday definitions.docxDownload
 Wednesday Factors.docxDownload
 Year 5 French, week 3, remote learning.docxDownload
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 Preposition Sort.docxDownload
 Prepositional Openers.docxDownload
 Prepositional Phrases Tuesday.docxDownload
 Prepositions worksheet Monday.docDownload
 sun shadow Picture to annotate.docxDownload
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Y5 - your 10-day isolation pack for Home Learning.

 MATHS DAY 8.pdfDownload
 MATHS DAY 9.pdfDownload
 SCIENCE Alka-Seltzer Rocket.pdfDownload
 SCIENCE Can You Balance The Stick.pdfDownload
 SCIENCE Magic Balloon.pdfDownload
 SCIENCE Magic Toothpicks.pdfDownload
 SCIENCE Make a Lava Lamp.pdfDownload
 SCIENCE Making a Moving Foil Boat.pdfDownload
 SCIENCE Making Soap Sculptures.pdfDownload
 SCIENCE Musical Coat Hanger.pdfDownload
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