Please visit the link below to view and download our Federation policies:


Hard copies of policies available on request.

 Recruitment Policy SEPT 2023.docDownload
 Remote Learning Policy SEPT 2023.docDownload
 School Meals Arrears Policy Sept 2023.docDownload
 SHF Behaviour Strategy - A Summary Guide Sept 2023.docxDownload
 SHF Class teacher's Guide Behaviour Strategy Sept 2023.docxDownload
 SHF Full Behaviour Strategy Reviewed Sept 2023.docxDownload
 Short Heath Federation CP and safeguarding policy September 2023_.docDownload
 Staff Well-Being Policy SEPT 2023.docxDownload
 Supporting Children with Medical Conditions Policy March 2023.docDownload
 Teaching and Learning Policy SEPT 2023.docDownload
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SEN Policies

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